Young Female Dairy Farmers Changing The Industry

Young Female Dairy Farmers Changing The Industry

Farmers are in high demand.

In the United States, approximately, 63 percent of farmers are over the age of 55.  With so many farmers near retirement, it is more important than ever to encourage young people to take their place. Do you know a female dairy farmer? If so, read on!

Unfortunately, the cost of starting a farm is staggeringly high.  This forces many young people – even those who grow up on a farm – to choose a different career path.

Those young people who still wish to enter the agricultural industry, usually go into vegetable, or small livestock farming.  These sectors of the industry, have low startup costs, and fewer risks.

Young Dairy Farmers

On the other hand, dairy farming is a very hard to break into.  With large overhead costs and huge land requirements, young dairy farmers face an uphill battle.

The National Young Farmers Coalition is attempting to make things a little easier for new farmers.  They have created a supportive community that attempts to help ease the transition into farming.

In 2013, one of their initiatives was the Bootstrap Blogger series, in which five young female dairy farmers wrote a monthly blog documenting their journey of entering the dairy industry.

Since farming has typically been a male dominated industry, the blog series served as great inspiration to many aspiring female dairy farmers.

Dairy Farming Videos

Recently, The National Young Farmers Coalition revisited three of these female dairy farmers and created a short video of their stories.

Chaseholm Farm: Dairy Farming Today

Sarah Lyons Chase is a third generation dairy farmer who never saw herself taking over the family farm.  Today, she is passionate about the career she has chosen, and is making artisanal cheese to keep the farm profitable.

The Golden Yoke: The Future of Dairy Management

In Montana the dairy industry is rapidly shrinking.  Until Laura Ginsburg and Connie Surber started their dairy, The Golden Yoke, there had not been a new farm in years.  The pair owns a grass-fed seasonal herd and have hopes of making ice cream from their milk.

Clover Mead Farm: Raw Milk Production

Ashlee Kleinhammer was inspired on a trip to central America to enter the dairy industry. Today, she milks a herd of 50 grassfed cows, and sells farmstead cheeses, raw milk, and creamline yogurts.

These young female farmers are seeing value in transitioning back to traditional dairy management practices.  Grass-fed, organic, and farm fresh seem to be a growing market in the dairy industry.

Drink Milk in Glass Bottles is a directory of dairies that believe in similar practices.  These dairies provide farm fresh milk in glass bottles, with the option of home milk delivery.

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