Watch Why Milk in Glass Bottles Tastes Better

FOX Business News Says Milk in Glass Bottles Tastes Better!

We are proud to announce that Friday, July 22, 2016 will be the debut of our promotional video produced by Voices in America, a United States government funded multimedia news source. This video is super fun and educational and lets you know all about home milk delivery and why drinking milk in glass bottles tastes better. So much better!

We are so excited to connect with Americans across the country through PBS and Fox Business News and share the message that home milk delivery is back and better than ever. Tune in this Friday, July 22 to check it out!

Our video will be aired twice! Make sure you tune in for the hour because these time slots are just an estimate. The first showing will be around 9:28 PM Eastern Time, or 8:28 PM Central, 7:28 PM Mountain, and 6:28 PM Pacific. The second showing will be approximately 11:15 PM Eastern Time, or 10:15 PM Central, 9:15 PM Mountain, and 8:15 PM Pacific Time.


Darth Vader Believes Drinking Milk in Glass Bottles is Better

Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones, is the host of the Voices in America series and has lent his voice to help us share with you why milk in glass bottles is better for everyone.

This video will share with you our passion for helping Americans get farm fresh organic milk while helping support local farmers. So make sure you tune in on July 22 after 6pm!


Find Home Milk Delivery Near You

Drink Milk in Glass Bottles is a movement created to help you find nearby dairy farms that provide delicious home milk delivery for you and your family.

We are a resource to help you find fresh, healthy, and delicious milk by connecting you to farms in your own backyard. Bringing back home milk delivery is also our goal, and we are here to help you find a delivery service near you!


Milk in Glass Bottles Benefits Everyone

Tune in to see why we do what we do, and what motivates us to keep chasing our dreams. Our campaign has taken off and we want to share it with you.

Drinking milk in glass bottles is better for you, better for the environment, better for local farmers, and better for your community.

Milk from a glass bottle tastes better and is always healthier and more fresh! Glass bottles can be recycled and reused over and over again, reducing our carbon footprint and helping our planet.

Not only that, but you’re keeping dairy farmers in business and helping them provide delicious milk to their community, keeping the local economy alive.


Watch the Drink Milk in Glass Bottles Video, produced by Voices in America below, to learn more about why you should drink milk in glass bottles, and why it’s beneficial for your health, the local farmer and his family, the local economy, the environment and more!

Video originally aired on PBS Television – Summer 2016

Home Milk Delivery Connects you to Local Dairy Farmers

At Stanpac, we do more than provide the glass bottles for home milk delivery. We care about connecting people to farmers and supporting local businesses all over the country and we know this is the best thing to do. We are so excited to share our mission with all of you.

Learn More About Home Milk Delivery Service

In the meantime, learn more about our project and how you can help support local farmers while enjoying better milk!