Want to Rock Your Next Party? Here are 5 DIY Glass Milk Bottle Ideas to Try

If you’re looking for a new way to make your party stand out, you need some DIY party ideas for adults. The answer is easy for us – DIY party decorations are your solution!

In a world of store bought decorations, it’s possible to be an original. Just do it yourself!

Having your milk delivered in glass bottles not only means that you’ll have farm fresh milk at your doorstep, but you’ll also have beautiful glass bottles left over to use however you wish.

Try out these 5 great DIY party ideas using glass milk bottles and rock your next gathering!

5 Innovative DIY Party Ideas Using Glass Milk Bottles You Need to Try Now

Glass milk bottles are great for any party, whether it’s a birthday party or a bachelorette party. They are so easily customizable, so they work for every party theme you can think of.

Another bonus to using glass milk bottles is that they are great as last minute party decorations.

You can use anything you have laying around your home to add some creative flare to them, saving you time in a pinch.

Your guests will have no idea you made those vases an hour ago!

Warning: your guests might be so impressed, they’ll expect you to host more parties in the future.

Serve Your Drinks in Glass Milk Bottles

Any drink looks great in glass milk bottles. When the color of the beverage shines through it can look beautiful and add that extra touch for your guests.

Even if you’re just serving up some iced tea, glass bottles are definitely an upgrade from plastic cups.

Add your own unique label or garnish with a colorful straw to add some customization. This doubles as a creative way to label everyone’s glass.

You can even get your party guests to decorate their own labels when they arrive. A creative way to do this is by painting chalkboard paint on the bottles, then having guests write or draw on their bottle.

For children, or adults who want to feel like children again, you can use your freshly delivered milk to create milkshakes and serve them in the glass bottles. It’s exciting to be able to see the color of the milkshake through the glass.

Line the rim of the glass for an added touch, like sprinkles for milkshakes or sugar for a cocktail.

Use Your Glass Milk Bottles to Organize Food Stations

Party guests love build-your-own tables. Whether it’s a candy bar or a build your own taco bar, people love selection!

There are so many ideas for build-your-own food stations, so they can be used for just about any kind of party. They’re even great for weddings!

Glass milk bottles are a great way to organize any build your own table.

You can store toppings in them, like candy for your candy bar or chopped fruit for a sundae bar.

You could also use them for salad dressing, milk and cream for coffee, or sauces. It’s easier for people to pour things from a glass milk bottle than many other containers. It also looks so much nicer.

Glass Milk Bottles Make Great DIY Centerpieces

Did you know that glass milk bottles make great vases? They are the perfect size and shape to store your beautiful flowers and put them on display for all to see.

Throw some fresh cut flowers in your milk bottles and use them as centerpieces at your next party. You’ll likely have multiple bottles because of your milk delivery, so you’ll be prepared regardless of how many tables you’re using.

This is a great idea for outdoor or country themed weddings, as it won’t break the bank and still looks pleasant for everyone. Who needs an expensive flower arrangement when you have beautiful, and eco-friendly, milk bottles to use?

For added flare, decorate the bottle by tying a ribbon around it, painting the rim, or putting on your own custom label. If you really want to impress your guests, create glass milk bottle terrariums.

You don’t even need to put flowers in the bottle. You can paint the bottles or repurpose them to look like antique apothecary bottles.

Upgrade Your Craft Table With Glass Milk Bottles

We all know that kids love crafts. Some adults love them, too! These activities are always a hit at birthday parties.

Why not try out some glass milk bottle crafts?

You can make just about anything using your glass milk bottles. This works great when your party has a theme, especially a holiday theme.

There are thousands of milk bottle craft recipes online, from Halloween monsters to holiday reindeer.

Children love to color, so why not have a coloring table at your child’s birthday party?

You can use glass milk bottles to hold pencil crayons and markers, with a handful of different colors in each one. Each child can get their own set of utensils, leaving you to sit back knowing that no one will be fighting over who has what color.

Send Your Guests Home With DIY Party Favors

Do you have a special drink recipe that you love to share, like a sangria recipe or a flavored iced tea?

Send your guests home with it in a glass milk bottle, beautifully decorated by you!

If you don’t have a special drink recipe, there are hundreds of other gift ideas you could try.

Dry cookie mix in a glass bottle is a super trendy gift idea, and easy to do.

Candy bars are popular with people of all ages, and candy looks beautiful in glass milk bottles. Let your guests fill up their own bottle and take it home with them for a sweet treat.

Cooking and recipes aren’t for everyone, so why not paint the bottles and give them to your guests as decorations? You could paint them beautiful colors, or design them to look like antique bottles.


Choose Home Milk Delivery and get Glass Milk Bottles Right at Your Doorstep

Drinking milk in glass bottles is better for everyone. You benefit directly while supporting local farmers and protecting your environment. When you choose home milk delivery, you get farm fresh milk delivered right to your door, in beautiful reusable glass bottles. You’ll have everything you need to throw your party already in your home.

It’s never been easier to get the best of all worlds. Find a local dairy near you and start enjoying the benefits.