Top 10 Cows And Cats BFF Pics You Won’t Want To Miss

Cows And Cats Are The Ultimate Best Friends

Who would have ever thought that cows and cats could be best friends. This has got to be the most adorable friendship we’ve ever seen.

Check out the inseparable bond these two share. You’ll be sure to want a cow as a pet after you see these.

Cute Cow And Cat Love Stories

  1. This one smells like true love!
  2. They’re so in love they have to tell secrets so none of the other cats get jealous!
  3. Cows love to sneak kisses in when kitty’s aren’t looking.
  4. “Can we snuggle for the rest of the night please?”
  5. Baby Calf’s and kittens are BFFs as soon as they come out of the womb.
  6. “Hey come back, don’t be scared, I just wanted to give you smooches!”
  7. Ultimate tongue stretch for the ultimate cat kisses.
  8. “Hey stand still, I just want to give you a bath.”
  9. “Hey excuse me kitty, Why are you playing dead? I just want to play!”
  10.  This is the ultimate cow and cat match making picture.

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There you have it folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed these cow and cat BFF pics as much as we love drinking milk from glass bottles!

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