This is Where Your Milk Comes From


Have you ever wondered, where does milk come from? We’re super excited to spread the word about farm fresh milk, delivered to your door, and available at local stores. 

Where Does Milk Come From?

It’s common practice among modern dairy farms to milk cows with machines that help to produce a larger yield with far less manpower. While there’s nothing wrong with that, some farms still milk their cows by hand; a very traditional and ancient art that takes skill, practice and special care for one’s cattle.

Fresh Milk, The Old Fashioned Way

Knowing where your milk comes from is not the only thing you should be curious about, if you’re a conscious consumer. Are the cattle healthy, happy and well taken care of?

These are things to consider if you’re looking for the best quality of milk for you and your family.


Follow These Steps To Enjoy The Freshest Organic Milk

  1. Feed The Cow: In the early morning, feed your cow a grain mixture or hay.
  2. Set Up Your Stool: Get comfortable! Set your stool on the right side of the cow’s udder.
  3. A one-legged stool lets you swivel to be closer to the udder.
  4. Grasp Teats: Hold the front of the teat with your fingers together in a gentle grip and raise your thumb up (like holding a tennis racquet). Squeeze and release, alternating hands until the teats are empty.
  5. Milk Back Teats: Once the front teats are empty, move on to the back ones.
  6. Repeat: In the evening, repeat the milking process.

Seem simple enough? We bet this requires a lot of practice. Do any of your local dairy farms still collect milk the old fashioned way? Maybe you could pay them a visit and see how it’s done in person!

Fresh Milk Delivered Right to Your Door in the USA

If you’re looking for fresh organic milk at local stores near you, or even better, if you’re looking to find where you can get fresh milk delivered straight to your door, you’re in the right spot. There’s been a resurgence of home milk delivery in the country, so now is the best time to take advantage of this!

You can choose a local dairy farm near you to sign up for home milk delivery using our database.

Find Fresh Organic Milk Near You!