The Types of Milk in a Glass Bottle

Drinking farm fresh milk from a glass bottle is great.  Not only does the milk taste better, but it helps to support local businesses, and farmers.

But, did you know, there are many milk flavour selections available from your local dairy?

Must Try Types of Milk in a Glass Bottle

The types of milk in a glass bottle will blow you away.

There is everything from the traditional chocolate milk to unique root beer milk.

Check out this list of ten unbelievable milk flavours available from Drink Milk in Glass Bottle dairies.

Banana Milk

Banana milk is a delicious blend of banana and milk that makes a refreshing beverage.  The drink is very popular in Korea and Japan, but it has recently spread to other parts of the world.

Traditionally the beverage was made at home, and was a cheaper alternative to ice cream. However many of the innovative dairies on Drink Milk in Glass Bottles have invented their own banana milk recipe which is a hit with their customers.

Available at: Shaw Farm in Dracut, Massachusetts and Harris Farm in Dayton, Maine.

Blueberry Milk

Everyone loves a nice cold glass of strawberry milk.  So, why not try another berry inspired drink?

Blueberry milk!

Blueberry milk is a seasonal beverage offered by several of our dairies during blueberry season.  A cold glass a milk with a hint of blueberry flavoring is the perfect pairing to a summer day, or a smoothie concoction.

Available at: Harris Farm in Dayton, Maine and Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, Maine.


Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk’s origins go back to the early 1700s, when a young Sir Hans Sloane spent time in Jamaica and was given cocoa to drink by the locals.  He found the drink unbearable, but he discovered that by mixing the cocoa with milk made a delicious beverage.

Since chocolate milk is a childhood favourite for many, it is not surprising that most of the dairies on Drink Milk in Glass Bottles sell their own version.

Available at: Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon, Massachusetts and A.B. Munroe Dairy in Providence, Rhode Island


Coffee Milk

Coffee milk is a combination of coffee syrup and milk.

A sweeter alternative to traditional milk with a hint of coffee taste, it’s a hit with Rhode Islanders.  So much so, that Rhode Island designated coffee milk the official state drink in 1993.

The good news for coffee lovers is that several dairies on Drink Milk in Glass Bottles, outside of Rhode Island, have discovered the popularity of coffee milk.  So, if you are looking for your morning jolt with a glass of milk, our dairies have you covered.

Available at: A.B. Munroe Dairy in Providence, Rhode Island and Shaw Farm in Dracut, Massachusetts.

Orange Milk

For years, the delicious blend of tangy orange and creamy milk have been coming together to create the orange creamsicle.

Several dairies on our directory have realized that citrous and cream do not need to be frozen to taste great.  These dairies have been bottling orange milk in glass bottles, and the results are amazing.  Essentially a liquid orange creamsicle, orange milk is a must try.

Available at: Apple Valley Creamery in East Berlin, Pennsylvania and Danzeisen Dairy in Laveen, Arizona.

Root Beer Milk

Root beer milk may be one of the more original flavours found at dairies in the Drink Milk in Glass Bottles directory.

After a couple of sips of this delicious concoction you will be reminded of the creamy portion of a root beer float.

Available at: Rosa Brothers Milk Company in Tulare, California and Danzeisen Dairy in Laveen, Arizona.

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry milk is a classic, and a favourite of our dairies.

Creamy, smooth and a taste of summer strawberry milk is often a seasonal offering, however certain dairies bottle this drink all year round.

Available at: Smyth’s Trinity Farm in Enfield, Connecticut and Top O’ The Morn Farms in Tulare, California.

Vanilla Milk

Vanilla milk is just as it sounds.  Milk with a hint of vanilla flavoring.

Vanilla milk makes for a great alternative to chocolate milk, and can be found at a small selection of dairies on Drink Milk in Glass Bottle’s directory.

Available at:  Rosa Brothers Milk Company in Tulare, California and Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, Maine.

Classic Farm Fresh Milk

Last but not least, is the staple, white milk.

All the dairies on Drink Milk in Glass Bottles offer a version of white milk in a glass bottle.  Many dairies offer different varieties including 1%, 2%, whole, skim, and organic milk.

One thing is for sure, you haven’t truly tasted white milk until it is in a glass bottle.

Available at: A.B. Munroe Dairy in Providence, Rhode Island, Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon, Massachusetts and Shaw Farm in Dracut, Massachusetts.

Find a Dairy Near You

After learning about all these types of milk, you are going to want to try a flavour or two. Find your local dairy to try the types of milk they offer, and if you are lucky, they may even have home milk delivery.