The Resurgence of Milk In Glass Bottles

Milk In Glass Bottles Is Back

Many may see farm fresh milk delivery as a thing of the past, but of late, there has been a resurgence of milk in glass bottles! At Dairy farms all over the United States, bottling milk in glass is making a comeback and consumers are loving it. Danzeisen Dairy in Phoenix, Arizona introduced quart and half-gallon glass bottles about six months ago, and have since had rave reviews from their customers.

Colder, Fresher and Simply A Better Taste

Tricia Tejada – a mother of four in the area – told AZCentral what she likes so much about the revival of glass bottles. “It’s a different taste,” she said. “It’s really natural. You can tell the difference.”

Danzeisen started selling it’s milk in glass bottles in an attempt to stand out in their local stores. They now sell about 4000 bottles a week, including those that are delivered right to their customers’ doors.

The Benefits Of Milk In Glass Bottles

Glass is more environmentally friendly, while plastic bottles sit in landfills for hundreds of years, according to environmental experts. “Conventional plastics do not biodegrade … with any meaningful human timescale … they just break apart into smaller plastic fragments,” Algalita, a research organization focused on plastic pollution, says on its website.

With 20 percent growth of the business each month, third generation dairy farmer Kevin Danzeisen says their products appeal to people who want the healthiest food for their families.

“We really appeal to moms,” he said.

The third generation dairy farm bought a vintage bottle sanitizing machine from a farm in Pennsylvania and gets their glass bottles from Stanpac – who supply reusable glass bottles to dairies all over the US.

Dairies Using Glass Bottles In Massachusetts and Rhode Island

While Danzeisen Dairy has seen success in Arizona, several dairies in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have also made the switch to glass bottles. Shaw Farm and Crescent Ridge Dairy in Massachusetts, as well as A.B. Munroe Dairy in Rhode Island package their milk in reusable glass bottles and deliver to their customers – just like the good old days.

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