The Benefits of Milk for Children

The Benefits of Milk for ChildrenThe California dairy industry is booming!

Customers all over are requesting a variety of milk products, from unique flavors to home milk delivery.

To meet the new demand, we’ve created a database of local dairies where you can find local farms near you that will deliver milk in glass bottles right to your door.

Today’s parents are becoming increasingly concerned about what their children are putting into their bodies. Many parents are also making the choice to stray away from sugary juices and junk foods and focusing on giving their kids fresh milk.

For many, the choice is clear. The advantages for drinking milk for children are becoming more and more prominent. From preventing allergies and eczema, to eliminating chemicals like sugar entering their bodies, milk is the key to keeping children healthier.


Milk Benefits for Reducing Allergies

Today’s society is seeing an increase in both allergies and eczema. This is a concern for parents everywhere.

However, the good news is that one of the benefits of milk is that it seems to decrease chances of children developing these symptoms.

A recent study watched 2500 pregnant women and their children for two years after birth, each consuming various combinations of organic and conventional dairy products.

The study found that raising children on milk and dairy products early in their life had positive health benefits.

Mothers who consumed milk during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and then continued to choose milk for their weaned toddler, decreased their child’s chance of developing allergies by 36%.

The researchers suggest that mothers who drink more milk are able to produce breast milk with higher immunity against allergens. This is increasingly important, as allergies in children are becoming more prevalent every year.

There was also a clear relationship found between children who consumed milk and decreased eczema. The study found that children who drank more milk had less cases of eczema.


Milk Doesn’t Contain Harmful Sugars or Bad Fats

Another benefit of milk is the decreased use of sugars and other toxins. It is estimated that the human body contains traces of 500 potentially harmful chemicals that have been absorbed from our food, and many of these come from junk food and sugary drinks like pop or some juices.

Choosing milk is an excellent option for parents wanting to minimize their child’s exposure to those harmful chemicals and maximizing the nutrients gained from drinking calcium-rich dairy.

Milk contains calcium that helps kids grow up strong and build strong bones. The vitamin D in milk also helps with bone density.

The vitamins and nutrients in milk are also beneficial for healthy teeth, heart function, and energy levels for growing children.


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