The 5 Best DIY Halloween Craft Ideas You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Most Unexpected DIY Halloween Craft Ideas

Want to know a secret? Glass milk bottles make excellent DIY Halloween crafts! And we’ve compiled for you a list of the top 5 best ways to use glass milk bottles as Halloween decor!

Creepy Glass Milk Bottle Jack-o-Lantern

This is an easy (and fun) way to reuse your milk bottles. Firstly, clean those bottles until they shine immaculately. Grab yourself some oil-based enamel paint in black and orange or yellow, and get painting!

Use black paint to splash on any facial expression that represents whatever mood you think your little glass jack-o-lantern is in. Easy as pumpkin pie. Place an LED candle inside to go to 11 on that scare-o-meter!

Scary Milk Bottle Potions

Want to make your guests’ skin crawl this Halloween? Take your milk bottles and create custom labels which can read whatever spooky brew you wish! (Care for a spoonful of Troll’s Sweat and Witch’s Tears?)

Fill each bottle with a uniquely-colored liquid and offer your guests a draught. Watch them grimace at the thought of the taste!

Terrifying (yet super cute!) Milk Bottle Mummies

Give your old glass milk bottles a proper burial by wrapping them up in white cloth and mummifying them! Stick adhesive googly eyes over the wrapping — the kids will love it! Toss on a spooky movie and serve with whatever beverage you and your kids enjoy.

Pairing suggestion: leftover Halloween candy always goes well with mummy milk!

Painted Candy Corn Milk Bottles

Want to incorporate your old milk bottles into your seasonal autumn decor? Paint them to look like candy corn! Simply grab yourself white acrylic paint and some orange and yellow enamel gloss paint. Make sure your bottles are clean and completely dry. Pour the white acrylic paint into the bottle and turn it so the paint coats every inch within.

Set the bottles upside down to dry. After about 3 hours, apply 4 or 5 coats of yellow paint, wrapping around the center area of the bottle. Find a container in which to pour the orange paint, and then dip the bottle in, coating the bottom portion.

Set the bottle (or bottles) out on a wire rack to dry! To complement the autumn facade, you may want to tie an orange ribbon around the bottle’s neck and place fall-colored flowers within.

…And last, but certainly not least:

Beetlejuice Milk Shake Bottles!

Firstly, wrap your milk bottles in painters’ tape to match Beetlejuice’s striped suit. Apply black chalkboard paint (once baked, it’s dishwasher safe) to the exposed areas surrounding the tape. Let dry, peel off the tape, and fill with milk to unveil the true horror! It’s as if you’ve uttered the words “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!”

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