New Year, New Hacks: 6 Ways Re-purpose Your Empty Glass Milk Bottles

New Year, New Hacks 6 Ways Re-purpose Your Empty Glass Milk BottlesDo you have empty glass milk bottles laying around your house? Want to clean up the kitchen clutter for the new year? You already know the health benefits of organic milk, and the environmental benefits of recycling, but did you know you can re-purpose your empty glass bottles? Instead of leaving them curbside for recycling day, you can up-cycle your glass bottles as trendy home decor.

We’ve provided a list of 6 DIY solutions to re-purpose empty glass milk bottles as crafty storage hacks around the home.

1. Spice Organizer

Say goodbye to your unorganized spice collection in different bags and bottles scattered around your cupboards. This vintage inspired storage hack is perfect for your retro kitchen decor, and gives off an old school, nostalgic vibe!

All you need to create this storage solution is acrylic paint, sticker labels and ribbon! This easy DIY takes your kitchen organization to a new level, while providing a visually appealing talking point.

Plus, the more spices you have means the more organic milk you’ll need to drink. It’s a win, win situation!

2. Plant Vase


Give life to your empty glass milk bottle collection by adding a touch of greenery to your home decor. All you need to create this elegant vase is a matte spray paint, and your favorite flowers, real or fake!

This decorative piece looks great in any room of the house, and adds a pop of color to the room. Try adding a few jars to your kitchen table centerpiece, bedside table or even above the fireplace mantle. The possibilities are endless!

3. Bath Salt Holder

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a warm bath with added salts, scents and aromas? This crafty glass milk bottle hack combines two DIY’s in one. All you need to do is clean out your empty milk bottle, and add your favorite bath time mixture inside! The prep work is virtually non existent. Once you have a few concoctions made, you can decoratively place them in your bathroom.

This craft idea would also make a great gift idea for a loved one. For a bonus touch, you can even add sticker labels and ribbon to dress up your creation.

4. Bathroom Supply Organizer

Say goodbye to a crowded bathroom counter-top and say hello to a clean space with your toiletry products nicely organized. All you need to do is clean out your empty bottles and add sticker logos to properly organize your contents.

Optional: Add hooks, and nail the glass jars to the wall to get the ultimate counter space.

The usability of these bottle organizers are endless. Store anything from your toothbrush, q-tips, cotton balls, and even makeup in your bathroom! They’re the perfect shape to fit all your cosmetic needs.

5. Jewelry Holder

Glass milk bottles come in all shapes and sizes, which makes for a cute dresser top jewelry organizer. All you need to assemble this DIY is your favorite color of acrylic paint, and all your accessories.

Take your organization to the next level by using a different bottle to hang grouped accessories off of. Ex: one jar for earrings, on jar for bracelets, one for necklaces etc.

6. Cutlery Holder

Keep your glass milk bottles in the kitchen with this kitchen supply organizer hack! To give your bottles an aluminum look all you need to purchase is mercury looking glass spray paint. This way all your cutlery matches the bottle, giving it a unique and modern feel.

You can decide to either store all your cutlery in the bottles, or just bring them out as decorative pieces for dinner parties.

Sign up For Home Milk Delivery and Start Re-Purposing Your Glass Bottles

Drinking milk delivered in glass bottles is an excellent way to start recycling more, and create nifty storage hacks around the house. There are plenty of DIY’s that allow you to reuse your empty bottles as decorative pieces, storage solutions and organizational objects.

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