MOOve Over, Santa! These Are The Best Holiday Gifts For Cow Lovers and Dairy Farmers

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cow Lovers and Dairy FarmersDon’t be stumped this holiday season.

We all know the struggles of gift giving. Everyone wants their gift to leave a long lasting impression on whoever they’re buying for.

Whether it be your spouse, mother, father, school teacher, friend, etc,  common questions we ask ourselves are will they like it?  Will they use it?  Is it personal enough? Do I buy something in store, or make something homemade?

We’ve showed you some DIY’s you can make, including the popular milk soap, but this time we have put together a list of some udderly unique gifts you can buy for the cow and dairy lovers in your life.

Cow Mug

How fitting is this mug? What a perfect way for the early-rising dairy farmer to get their day moo-ving then with a cup of joe in their cow mug. This gift idea is guaranteed to get spark some humor in the room.

“Don’t Tip The Cows” Board Game

This gift idea is perfect for the farming family in your life. Known as a “front porch classic” this board game ensures hours of fun for the whole family. While the farming community benefits from technology, family game night calls for this sort of unplugged entertainment.

Cow Print Luxury Throw

Give the gift of comfort with this soft luxurious throw. Who doesn’t want to cuddle up with a cow printed blanket, especially after a post holiday dinner food coma!?

Christmas Cow Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments are a unique and ever-growing collection, personalized to the families interests. These festive bovines are perfect for the farm owner and cow lovers in your life. And you’ve got to admit, these little guys look great in red!

Cow Indoor/Outdoor Light Set

Decorate the barn door or front porch with this novelty light strand set. This gift idea would also look snazzy hung along the bed frame of the ultimate cow lover in your life.

Cow Fuzzy Socks

Giving socks as gifts does not have to be a notion only done by your grandmother. Who doesn’t love warm feet. This fuzzy gift idea could also make a great stocking stuffer.

Cow Adult Colouring Book

Adult colouring books became very trendy this year. They’re a great way to reduce stress after a long day. This cow themed book is a fun gift idea to add to the coffee table.

Calving Season Sweater

Forget “cuffing season,” the act of finding a boyfriend/girlfriend to spend time with during the holiday season, and say hello to “calving season.” This gift idea is with the times. What better way to show your love for our animal friends, then by wearing them on your shirt?!

Cow Bell

This gift idea is the perfect novelty item. Made out of steel, this bell can be used to cheer at sporting events, weddings, parties, etc. Not to mention it also makes a great decorative piece in the home!


Baby Onesie

This gift idea is catered toward the new parents in your life. Not only is this baby attire cute and humorous, but the message of supporting your local dairy farmer is of great importance. You can find out which dairy farms are close through our database!

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