June Is National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month!

So, of course, at Drink Milk in Glass Bottles we’re celebrating in full force. All month long, we’ll be celebrating National Dairy Month on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and right here, on our blog.

National Dairy Month 2015

National Dairy Month first kicked off in 1937, a year when milk bottles were in their prime.

The event was launched by the National Dairy Council to help stabilize dairy demand during the peak periods of production, when the cows were turned out to pasture.

Over the years, June Dairy Month has evolved into a national celebration that involves both rural and urban communities.

On-farm events such as open houses, and breakfasts have become a popular way of showcasing the dairy industry to the community.  Giving farmers an opportunity to educate the public on cow care, and milk production.

Businesses such as creameries, dairies, and grocery stores offer product samples, trivia contests and dairy themed events throughout the month to promote a tie between the consumers and the farmers.

We think it is a no brainer to celebrate National Dairy Month, with all these amazing events and milk to drink why wouldn’t you?

But, just in case you aren’t convinced, here are three solid reasons to celebrate dairy in the month of June.

1. The Nutritional Value of Milk

Dairy products are full of vitamins and minerals, that promote strong bones and muscle building. It also helps to control blood pressure, maintain a healthy body weight, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Price of Milk

Milk is an affordable way to get a nutrient packaged diet.  At approximately, 25 cents per 8 ounce serving it is a great investment towards your family’s health.

3. Sustainable Farming

The dairy industry is committed to sustainability.  Dairy farmers across North America are using a variety of conservation practices, and efficient technologies to reduce dairy’s environmental impact.

Farm Fresh Milk

National Dairy Month is a huge deal for Drink Milk in Glass Bottles, because it celebrates everything we stand for. A great drink, sustainable practices, and healthy living. This June Dairy Month, we encourage you to try milk in a glass bottle.

Why not support local farmers, be environmentally friendly, and all while getting the true milk taste in a glass bottle?


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