How to Decorate Your Dorm Room With Glass Milk Bottles

How to Decorate Your Dorm Room With Glass Milk Bottles on a BudgetEnvironmental Friendly DIY Craft Projects

So you’re starting a brand new chapter in your life and heading off to college. One of the things you’re probably excited for is decorating your dorm room. It would make it much easier on your budget if you could decorate with some creative DIY craft projects.

Chances are if you’re attending a top notch California school you want to fit in with your comrades. Show them who you really are with some unique dorm room decor.

We’ve put together some great ideas using glass milk bottles you can try out this school year. Show off your personality with these unique and creative design ideas that are sure to get you the right kind of attention.

How to Decorate Your Dorm Room With Glass Milk Bottles

California has a huge dairy industry that participates in home milk delivery. Farm fresh milk is delivered in glass bottles regularly on your doorstep, providing you with delicious milk and a beautiful bottle you can recycle.

If you’ve chosen to live off-campus, or stayed at home, you can still inspire your space with cool dorm room design ideas.

Use these bottles to create a unique and trendy space in your dorm room, whether you’re at UCLA, Berkeley, or anywhere in between.


Environmentally Conscious Dorm Room Decor

Don’t spend your money on plastic decorations that are only going to end up in a landfill. These are harmful to the environment and can’t be recycled as easily.

Using recycled glass milk bottles to decorate your college space is a sustainable solution that will help you contribute to the upkeep of our planet.

California in particular is known for its extremely high pollution rates, so it’s extremely important to do your part in reducing waste. Fresno, Los Angeles, and Sacramento are among the top cities for particle pollution.

Glass production helps eliminate pollution because it requires less production machinery and procedures than plastic products, so the more glass you use the more you’re helping to reduce pollution. Recycling glass is also much easier than plastic because it’s more versatile.

At the end of the year, when you move out, you can either reuse them in your next apartment or you can recycle them to be made into something else. Glass can be recycled over and over again, so you’ll be part of a sustainable culture that preserves our resources.

Choose From A Variety of Dorm Room Themes

Glass milk bottles can adapt to any theme you choose, and you’ll want to pick a theme that reflects your individual personality.

Choosing a theme for your dorm room gives it some personality and flair, as well as some comfort.

The best way to incorporate glass milk bottles in any theme is by painting them. There are so many ways they can be painted, and just about any color scheme is a go.

If you’re feeling crafty, make your own labels for your bottles to go with the theme you pick. If you don’t have a theme, labels are a great way to individualize your bottles and make them all your own.

You can basically repurpose your bottles in whatever way fits in with your theme. Underwater theme? No problem. You can make a ship-in-a-bottle, paint your bottles into sea glass, or fill them with shells.

Vases for Your Academic Success

Did you know that flowers are more than just a nice thing to look at?

A study from Rutgers found that flowers actually improve mental and emotional health. Their presence can trigger happy emotions and prevent depression.

Putting flowers in your dorm room can make a huge difference for your freshman year. This is a time when things can be pretty stressful as you adjust to a completely different experience. You’ll be able to stay positive, keep calm, and cram for your exams without extra stress.

Use glass milk bottles as vases to keep everything fresh and beautiful. You can put any kind of flower in your bottles, as they’re the perfect size for your floral needs.

Visit one of California’s fantastic farmers’ markets to find some locally grown flowers near you.

Storage Solutions for the Little Things

When you’re living in a dorm room, it’s tough to find storage options that work with a small amount of space.

Since the milk bottles are glass, you can fill them and put them up on a shelf, and you’ll be able to see what’s inside them. So line them up as much as you want; you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.

Hair elastics, bobby pins, and Q-tips are all dorm room essentials you can store in glass bottles.

Desk organization is super easy with glass milk bottles as well. You can use them as a cup to hold your pens and highlighters, or you can throw your odds and ends in there, like paper clips, magnets, and thumbtacks.

Preserve Your Snacks Better

Everyone keeps snacks in their dorm room. That’s just a fact of life. You might also want to store things like cereal or granola for extra options during the day.

Keep your food items in glass bottles to help preserve their freshness for longer. Glass containers keep your food safer and tastier, too.

Glass helps protect your food from outside bacteria and toxins that can sometimes sneak in through plastic. It’s easier to clean, meaning it’ll be less likely to have residue on the inside, and your food will be safer.

Your bottles are also less likely to crack or break, which means that the risk of your food going stale is much smaller than with other types of containers.

Choose Home Milk Delivery

Choose a local dairy to deliver farm fresh milk right to your door. You get the best tasting milk, and recyclable glass bottles for your decorating needs. Home milk delivery from local farms helps protect the environment because the milk is traveling less distance than it does from out-of-area farms. This means there is less gas being used, and less of a carbon footprint is created than big dairy corporations.

Find your local dairy and get started with home milk delivery now.