Easy Thanksgiving DIY Crafts The Whole Family Will Love

Thanksgiving DIY Crafts You Can Use Your Glass Milk Bottles For

Thanksgiving is a time that we should be surrounded by those we love, doing some fun activities before a big dinner. That’s what makes these Thanksgiving DIY crafts and decorations so perfect.

As you get ready for your big holiday dinner, whether you’re hosting or not, it’s fun to get in the festive spirit. A good DIY project can really help you de-stress and get your creative juices flowing.

Glass milk bottles are so versatile, they can be used for home decor or fun craft activities with the kids. Try out these fun glass bottle crafts and ideas for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday!


Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Milk Bottle Turkeys

Use your glass milk bottles to make fun Thanksgiving turkeys!

All you need is your milk bottles, some scrap paper, scissors, glue or double-sided tape, and googly eyes.

Start by cutting out the shapes you need. This includes circles for the turkey heads, feathers, and small yellow triangles for the beaks. Don’t forget to cut out some red turkey wattles!

The full instructions for this craft, created by DIY Inspired, can show you how to cut out the feathers.

Attach the feathers to the back of the bottle. Then, assemble the turkey’s head. Take your beak, wattle, and googly eyes and attach those to the paper circle.

Fasten that turkey head to the front of the bottle, and you’ve got a turkey. You can use any variation of the craft items you want, so if you want to change the color or design, go for it.

When you’re done, fill them with chocolate milk for the full effect!


Fun Scarecrow

For this one, you’ll need orange or red solo cups, your glass bottles, some burlap or straw, and some white paint. You can also grab some white buttons for the scarecrow’s eyes if you’d like.

Both glue and tape work for this craft.

Fill your bottle with your item of choice. Whether you want it to be candy for a sweet treat, or pebbles for a decorative feel, choose something that will fit the theme. For example, if you’re going with candy, try using candy corn or brown and orange M&M’s.

Take your cup and cut slits in the ends, creating small strips about half an inch apart. Flatten them out so they fold toward the outside of the cup’s rim.

On the inside of the cup, glue the burlap or straw, or whatever else you’ve decided to use for the scarecrow’s hair. After this dries, this will be placed upside down over the top of the milk bottle to form his hair and hat.

For the scarecrow’s face, glue on the buttons for eyes or paint on his eyes, nose, and smile. Then, put him somewhere where everyone can admire him!


Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Serve Drinks in Glass Milk Bottles

A great way to use your glass milk bottles is by using them to serve beverages. Whether that’s an adult alcoholic beverage, or milk for the kids, everything looks great in glass.

When people drink out of a glass milk bottle, regardless of what’s in it, it’s a much better experience than a boring plastic cup.

Pick up some leaf stickers or cutouts from the dollar store. You can put the stickers right on the bottles, or tie the cutouts around the narrow part with yarn or string.

Use orange and white striped straws for even more festive fun.


Milk Bottles for Table Storage

Use glass milk bottles to store your utensils and other collective items for people to help themselves. This works for forks, knives, straws, spoons, and even some toppings.

You can make these bottles more fun by adding stickers, cutouts, ribbons, or any other decorative items that you can think of.

Use the narrow space of the bottle by tying ribbons around it. They could be orange, white, or brown to stay in the fall theme. If you want to get really festive, take some leaves from outside and punch holes in them to string them around.


Fun Fall Decorations

Create Festive Vases

Glass milk bottles make perfect vases for any occasion, so Thanksgiving is no different.

Give your bottles a rustic feel with burlap and ribbon. Glue the burlap to the bottle and then tie the ribbon or a piece of yarn around it, making a nice bow at the front.

You can also paint the bottles using a variety of techniques, like seaglass. Try painting them to look like antique bottles, or even pouring paint on the inside and tilting the bottle.

There is a world of tutorials out there for painting glass milk bottles. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas. You’ll find the perfect technique for your dinner in no time.


Glass Milk Bottle Candy Jars

You can store festive items, particularly candy, in glass milk bottles and keep them on shelves, as part of centerpieces, or in order decorative areas.

Try putting some fall-colored candy in them. Reese’s Pieces, candy corn, M&M’s, and orange gumballs all look great like this. Essentially, anything that comes in Thanksgiving colors works.

Give them some fun labels that display festive words, names, or even just items.  

These milk bottle decorations double as hostess gifts or even just festive gifts for your friends and neighbors.

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