Danzeisen Dairy Makes The Best Decision Ever

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A small town dairy has become known nation wide! Kevin Danzeisen’s family has been milking cows for half a century now. Their farm, Danzeisen Dairy, sits at 67th Avenue and Broadway in Phoenix, AZ.

Danzeisen Dairy took on a big approach, deciding to get into the business of bottling and selling its own product. “We knew we had to make some changes because of the smaller farms. We’re getting tougher and tougher times in the dairy business,” Danzeisen said.

“It was pretty risky. Nobody else was doing it, so there’s not really a model of how to do it,” Danzeisen said.

Danzeisen Dairy went out on a limb and tried something completely new and it worked.

Danzeisens Dairy Milk Plant

“We take care of the cows, the cows take care of us.” is the motto that Danzeisen Dairy has followed for years. They value freshness, family, and integrity to make the best products for their customers.

Danzeisen Dairy only own Holstein and Swiss cows. They are milked three times daily and all calves are raised on the farm. All cows and heifers are fed an alfalfa-based diet balanced with the perfect amount of proteins and minerals. They also do not use any growth hormones.

A specialized veterinarian visits the dairy weekly to monitor the health of the cows. A cow nutritionist checks the feed at the dairy every month to ensure the most balanced and healthy diet for the cows.

This shows how much they value their cows and produce when providing their best milk to customers.

The Dairy Industry

Like I said above, Danzeisen states that, “We knew we had to make some changes because of the smaller farms. We’re getting tougher and tougher times in the dairy business.”

Danzeisen Dairy is one of the few dairies that completely stays away from plastics. They are a 100% glass dairy. This allows you to get the freshest, best tasting milk direct from the farm to your local grocer or right to your own personal fridge.

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Big Risk Big Reward

So far, their big risk has turned into a big reward. The farm-fresh milk, which comes in a variety of flavors, is now carried in 100 stores statewide.

Danzeisen Dairy went for a “go big or go home” approach and it worked wonders considering that they were also just recognized by the Arizona Farm Bureau as the Farmer of the Year.

“To be recognized as Farmer of the Year in this state means a whole lot, and we’re humbled and don’t really feel deserving of it,” Danzeisen said.

Wrap Up

These farmers are in no way stopping here. They plan on expanding their milk to more grocers and go completely mainstream with the public.

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