Christmas Events in New England 2015

It’s December, and you know what that means… Christmas Events in New England! If you aren’t in the Christmas spirit already, it’s time to hop on Santa’s sleigh and join the festive fun in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The Christmas events 2015 calendar provides plenty of activities for the whole holiday season. You truly don’t want to miss out on all the festivities this year.

It’s Christmas Time in The City

Enjoy a Christmas parade, or a holidays stroll, to winter carnivals and fun light shows!  For all information on your Christmas events 2015, click to pick your next holiday plan!

Boston, Massachusetts Area 

Rhode Island Area

Why Do We Love Christmas Time?

Every December 25th, people around the world celebrate the religious, cultural and commercial phenomenon known as Christmas. If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of many who look forward to this season every year; the decorations, the lights, the Christmas events, and of course, the gifts delivered from everyone’s favorite big bellied, rosy-cheeked fella, Santa Claus.

With Santa in the spotlight this time of year, we thought we’d answer a couple of common questions we all have about him. One being, where did this guy come from?

The History of Santa Claus

The story of the man we now call Santa Claus can be traced all the way back to the third century, to a monk named St.Nicholas. It is said that he gave away his inherited wealth, traveling the countryside to help the poor. He knew that most individuals would never accept such gifts, so he devised a plan to drop down gold from the chimney.

His secretive ways became the talk of many folk stories that are still alive and known today. Most importantly, the Christmas traditions that have derived from his giving nature is what we love most about Christmas time! In return, we mustn’t forget about good ole’ Saint Nick himself. In exchange for his kindness and gifts, we leave him a special treat each year, and you should too!

Milk and Cookies For Santa Claus

As tradition holds, when Christmas Eve comes around, we leave milk and cookies out for Santa Claus. Have you ever wondered where this tasty tradition comes from? Although there is no one reason to this Christmas tradition, we thought we’d share a few.

  • – Leaving milk and cookies for Santa is be linked to Saint Nicholas’s life. As he spent much of it helping those in need, it was after his death that celebrations and remembrances of him came together. On December 6th, children and parents leaving food out on the eve of his death, December 5th, for others to enjoy.
  • – Leaving milk and cookies for Santa is linked to the Great Depression. During this time, it is believed that parents wanted to inspire their children to share with others. To help them do this, they would leave out a snack for Santa and his reindeer.
  • – Milk and cookies is linked to Norse mythology, where people would leave out hay and oats for Sleipnir, the eight legged horse who was hoped to stop by for a visit during Yule hunting ventures.

Make it a Christmas Tradition

So while no starting date can be determined for when milk and cookies appeared on Santa’s Christmas Eve visit, it is a practice that has been ongoing for years and will likely be a tradition until the end of time!

Yes that’s right, we think this experience is that monumental! Put this tradition down on your list of to-do Christmas Events 2015.

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