Chocolate Milk: The Post Workout Drink

Chocolate Milk Marathon Recovery

It’s Spring in New England, and it’s a time for runners to celebrate. The driving force behind all this running is The New England Challenge.  From May 18th to May 22nd, five marathons take place in five states, over 5 days. May 18, 2015 – The Pine Tree Marathon in Portland, Maine May 19, 2015 – Granite State Marathon in Nashua, New Hampshire May 20, 2015 – Red Island Marathon in Warwick, Rhode Island May 21, 2015 – Nutmeg State Marathon in Hartford, Connecticut May 22, 2015 – Old Colony Marathon in Springfield, Massachusetts

Run as many, or as few marathons as you like, and take in some New England countryside while you are at it. Just incase that wasn’t enough running for you, the annual Boston Color Run will take place May 31st.

The Color Run, also known as the happiest 5 kilometer run on the planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.

For those participating in these running races, or for those who just enjoy a casual jog, there’s a new post workout recovery drink on the scene.

What’s The Best Post Workout Drink?

After a workout there are no shortage of recovery drinks to choose from.  Water, Gatorade, All Sport, POWERaid are just some of the options, but which option is best?

Chocolate milk has recently emerged as the best post workout drink.  Studies have shown chocolate milk to rehydrate, refuel, and recharge you faster than other post workout drinks.

Is this all just a chocolate milk workout myth? We don’t think so. Rehydrate With Chocolate Milk When you train hard, you sweat hard.

The fluids and electrolytes you lose over a workout need to be replaced. Chocolate milk is the clear choice to rehydrate.

It is made up of 87% water, and naturally contains electrolytes such as sodium and potassium.  The faster your electrolytes are replaced the quicker you can get back to full strength.

Chocolate Milk Recovery

As you workout, your body uses carbohydrates stored in your muscles for energy.  These carbohydrates are called glycogen, and the longer you work out the more depleted the glycogen becomes.

If too much glycogen is lost, you lose the ability to perform at your peak. Chocolate milk is the answer again.  If you drink chocolate milk after a workout the carbohydrates are replenished, and you’ll be ready to workout again sooner.

Protein in Chocolate Milk

Protein is needed to repair damaged tissue, and promote new muscle growth.  This is especially important after a hard workout at the gym or during a run. Jam packed with 17 grams of protein per 500 ml serving, chocolate milk is the easy answer for building up your muscles.

Chocolate Milk Recovery Drink

Athletes drinking chocolate milk after competing has become so popular that Cornell University’s on-campus dairy has formulated the perfect post workout milk. Cornell is encouraging their world-class athletes to drink chocolate milk, instead of protein powder and sports energy drinks which has been long dominating the gym.

There have also been numerous studies performed with cyclists, and swimmers drinking chocolate milk instead of more traditional refuelling drinks.  Consistently, chocolate milk helps the athletes recover faster, and perform stronger.

Chocolate Milk in New England

If you are taking part in the New England Challenge, the Boston Color Run, or just a casual run to stay in shape, you’ll need a great post workout drink. So, why not choose chocolate milk for recovery?

Especially when you are in New England with some of the best chocolate milk around. Shaw Farm in Dracut, Massachusetts, Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon, Massachusetts, and A.B Munroe Dairy in East Providence, Rhode Island all sell chocolate milk in glass bottles, that will quickly recharge you after any workout, and tastes great too.

Did we mention that they deliver – right to your door?

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