California Dairy Farms Make You Say Holy Cow!

California dominates the Dairy IndustryDo you know your facts on the California Dairy Industry? The Golden State may surprise you!

Not only are California dairy farms the largest producer in the nation, the whole California dairy industry produces more than 400 agricultural commodities and leads the U.S in cash farm receipts.

This makes milk the top agricultural earner!

Leading in production of milk and in number of milk cows, its safe to say the dairy industry is lucrative for the state of California. In 2013, milk production at California dairy farms generated 7.6 billion, according to the California Department of Agriculture(CDFA).

But the real questions are, how much milk is actually made each year and where can I get home milk delivery in California?

How Much Milk Do California Dairy Farms Produce?

In 2014, California’s 1,485 dairies produced 42.337 billion pounds of milk.

HOLY COW! Or should we say cows… one California dairy cow had a little help producing all that milk from 1.78 million of its cow friends! Yes, with 1.78 million dairy cows, California leads the nation!

To put these numbers into perspective, California dairies provide about one in every five glasses of milk nationwide.

In its March 2015 California Dairy Review, CDFA ranks the state’s top 10 milk-producing counties for 2014:

While California recorded 32 counties that produced milk last year, the top 10 represented 94.8% of the state’s total milk output, CDFA reports. Tulare, Merced and Kings together accounted for 53% of California’s milk production.

But that’s not all!

California Dominates The Dairy Industry

In 2014, California ranked second in national cheese production. Wisconsin led with 2.48 billion pounds of cheese, according to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, however California’s 2.42 billion pounds in total cheese production was a record for the Golden State.

Wisconsin accounts for about 25% of U.S. cheese production, and although finishing in second place, California produces a little over 20% of the nation’s cheese. Now that is something to smile about!

Cheddar, Monterey and Mozzarella accounted for 85% of California’s cheese production last year, with Mozzarella representing more than half of the cheese produced.

Statistics show that about 44% of California’s milk supply went into cheese.

And who doesn’t love cheese, right?

The Wrap

California has been the nation’s leading dairy state since 1993 and I’m sure there are no plans of stopping! Since you’ve learned a few new facts on the California dairy industry, why not support your local dairy farmers?

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