California Dairy Dreaming: It’s Time to Bring Back the Milkman

It’s time to bring back the milkman! That’s right; we’re here to tell you that there’s a new movement in America and it’s a blast from the past.

You can still have milk delivered to your home, just like your grandparents did. Many California dairy farms are providing families across the state with farm fresh milk right at their doorstep every week.

Find out more about California’s home delivery revolution and see how you can get involved.


Just Like the Old Days: Bringing Back the Milkman in California

California is the number one dairy state in the United States. It’s only fitting, then, that the movement to bring back home milk delivery is so important here.

As industry leaders, we need to set a strong example for the rest of the country. We have to show everyone why we lead the home milk delivery revolution!

Here’s how some of California’s local dairy farms are getting involved.


California’s Local Dairy Farms Are Leading the Movement

In California, there’s no shortage of options for those looking to get involved in farm fresh milk delivery.

Rockview Farms is located in Southern California. They deliver milk to over 4,800 customers in Los Angeles and Orange County alone. Their total customer delivery base in the Southland totals over 7,000 homes.

Top O’ The Morn Farms, in Tulare, California, is also bringing back home milk delivery service. The farm is just an hour north of Fresno, California, and delivers throughout the Central Valley.

The CEO himself, Ron Locke, is the milkman. He delivers the milk to their customers in a restored vintage Divco delivery truck. It’s a perfect example of a family business. They care about their community and their customers.

These farms are just two examples of the California dairy farms that are participating in farm fresh milk delivery.


Spreading the Glass Milk Bottle Revolution

Across the country, many farms are getting involved in local milk delivery. Dairy farms are seeing the benefits of packaging their milk in glass bottles and delivering it to their beloved local customers.

On the East Coast, dairies like Meadowbrook Farms offer local milk delivery services to customers in their area. And the idea is spreading. Their services have significantly expanded in the last few years.


Where Did Home Milk Delivery go?

At one point, every family had at least one personal cow. Sometimes, if they were lucky, they would have two.

But as industrialization improved, people began to populate urban areas. They started purchasing milk from dairy farmers instead of keeping a cow.

In fact, the first glass milk bottle was patented in 1874. By 1920, these bottles had advertisements etched on them.

Before the first grocery stores began to pop up, people had to go to specialized stores for each item they needed. Grocery stores made it easier for people to buy all their groceries in one spot.

After the grocery store was created, the home refrigerator came on the scene. The ability to keep milk cold for longer, and the ability to buy it with the rest of your groceries, slowly eliminated the need for home milk delivery.


Travel Back to a Simpler Time

For many people, it’s the nostalgia factor that gets them involved. People love remembering the milk delivery from their childhood. This was a time when they knew their milkman by name.

Manhattan Milk is a company that offers delivery services from local dairies to urban areas. Particularly in New York City, they help many city dwellers relive their childhood memories. Frank Acosta, the company’s co-owner, calls the home milk delivery trend “modernized nostalgia.”

Milkman delivery represents a simpler time. Local farmers weren’t overshadowed by big corporations. People also knew exactly what was in the food they were eating.


It’s Fresher, Safer, and More Convenient

For other customers, local milk delivery is a convenience factor. Home milk delivery is essential for pregnant women, families with children, and the elderly. It saves them the time and hassle of going to the grocery store.

If your family drinks a lot of milk, it’s annoying to have to go to the grocery store frequently just to get milk, especially when you have to pile your young children into a car every time.

Milk from local dairy farms can go from the cow to your doorstep within 24 hours. That means your milk is more fresh than it would be from the grocery store. The shelf life is also longer because it hasn’t already been sitting there for a few days.

Another bonus is that home milk delivery services primarily package their milk in glass bottles. Not only is glass better for the environment because you can recycle the bottles and reuse them, but the milk also tastes fresher when it’s not in plastic containers.



Support Local California Dairy Farms

Local farmers are local businesses, just like your local retail stores. When your money goes to a local dairy farm, it stays in the community and helps to grow your local economy.

That’s because local farmers tend to rely on other local businesses for supplies, resources, and services. They also often form partnerships with these companies.

National corporations generally outsource a lot of their services from different states or countries. That means they’re not supporting your town’s economy, and when trouble hits, they’re always the first ones to leave.

Relying on farmers’ markets and fresh produce stands is the best way to make sure that you are always putting local businesses and your community first.

Having milk delivered to your door is the equivalent of shopping at a local farmers’ market. But it’s better because you don’t even have to leave your home.

It’s not just about milk, either. Cheese, eggs, and other fresh produce items can be delivered at the same time, usually from the same local farm. It’s fresher and more delicious this way.

Find a Local California Dairy Farm Near You

Drink Milk in Glass Bottles is a movement to get more Californians to enjoy farm fresh milk delivered in glass bottles right to their doors. Home milk delivery is a classic American staple. It supports local dairy farms and makes life easier. Use our database to find a dairy farm near you. Then, sign up to have milk delivered to your home. It’s that easy to start getting back to basics and enjoying the simplicity of safe, healthy milk.

Drink milk in glass bottles to help support the environment, benefit local farmers, and keep your family enjoying the best tasting milk.