Adult Chocolate Milk Lovers Will Love This

Chocolate Milk & Vodka Sold in Costco

Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate milk?

Everyone from children to adults crave this dairy product because it tastes so good.

Now from a strictly adult perspective, how does alcoholic chocolate drinks sound?

Well a California mother claims to have come up with a concoction that is a tasty combination of chocolate milk and vodka or adult chocolate milk!


e-Taste Your Youth At 40 Proof

It seems a women in Newport Beach, California create this new drink while her children were sleeping. While most of us are unwinding with a glass of wine, pint of craft beer, or a nice hot coffee or tea after putting our kids to bed, Tracy Reinhardt has been mixing up this dairy cocktail almost nightly and enjoying the results. (via Daily Mail).

Whether it was the milk or the vodka, Tracy soon realized the marketing potential of her chocolate milk and vodka home brew and teamed up with a former classmate, Nikki Halbur to create the product it is today. That’s right – it’s not home brew anymore, you can by this adult chocolate milk at Costco!

“First there was alcoholic whipped cream, then the controversial Four Loko caffeinated strong drink – and now retail giant Costco has put its considerable weight behind a new brand of alcoholic chocolate milk. Adult Chocolate Milk, which comes in a distinctive 250ml bottle with a swing-top cap, is being sold in a high-profile spot in Costco stores in California.”

Costco sees the sales potential of this new drink as they have displayed the product at the front of the store and shoppers can see it and pick up a pack of bottles right as they walk in to Costco. A local blogger says it’s the first thing you see as you show your Costco membership card as you walk in.


Milk Product Packaging and Glass Bottles

As I’m sure you can understand, we at Stanpac are curious about this new product packaging.

After all, it’s milk and we print (glass screen), decorate, design, and sell refillable glass milk bottles.

According to the Daily Mail, this new alcoholic, adult chocolate milk is sold in a distinctive 250ml bottle with a swing-top cap.

We all know milk tastes best when it comes fresh from a local farm in a refillable glass milk bottle, so we’re thinking this home-brew cocktail, now on sale to the public, is likely a refreshing adult beverage anytime of the year!


Health, Safety, and Legal Implications

Of course this new drink is going to raise eyebrows and cause concern to the public. Partly because the aforementioned alcoholic whipped cream and the caffeinated strong drink, Four Loko.

The USA Food and Drug Administration pulled Four Loko off store shelves after some major controversy surrounding the damaging health aspects of the drink.


“The agency said the combination of caffeine and alcohol in the drinks can lead to a ‘wide-awake drunk’ and have led to alcohol poisoning, car accidents and assaults.”


As we’ve said before on this blog, moderation and responsibility is the key with almost everything.

If you’re able to enjoy a glass of this new alcoholic adult chocolate milk, please do so like the adult you are.


Oh and please let us know how good it is and if it comes in a refillable glass bottle!