9 Reasons To Love Cows

These Health Benefits of Milk Will Make You Love Cows Even More!

We all know that cows provide numerous advantages to both local communities and the world as a whole. The many health benefits of cow milk include helping to boost the immune system, building strong bones and teeth, protecting the heart and assisting in preventing diabetes.

The health benefits of milk is evident throughout pregnancy, and is a crucial component in the development of babies and children as it helps to stimulate growth and brain function.

Now let’s take a look at 9 Fascinating Facts as to why a cow should be your new BFF.

1. Cows are Super Inquisitive Creatures

Contrary to popular belief of cows being slow and lazy animals, they actually have a big brain (and a big head to go with it)! Research shows that cows have been able to demonstrate cognitive abilities and have proven their knowledge of “cause and effect”. They like solving problems – especially involving grand escapes or new ways to fill up on food. Once resolved, they’ll often celebrate by jumping in the air!

 2. Memory

Have you ever heard anyone say “I have a memory of an elephant” or “elephants never forget”?. Those may be true, but people tend to disregard that a cow’s memory udder-ly amazing as well! They’re able to remember human faces, and recall locations of things like food and water. They’ve even been tested with mazes! In order to prove that their memory is in fact top-notch, various tests have been performed involving following sounds and finding food. Needless to say, they put maze-mice to shame.

3. Cows are Emotional

When cows are treated well, you can tell. It’s been discovered that they will often produce more milk when they’re happy. Dr. Scott Abbott, a Dairy Vet Manager, explains that when cows are treated and looked at as friends, a higher milk production rate is the result. “The animals are treated like they’re our friends because that’s how we all make our living”.

4. They Make Friends … and Enemies

Cows form close friendships with other cows, and prefer to spend their time with only a certain few individuals. They’ve been known to even have best-friends! When best friends are together they’re quite content, however when they’re separated, their stress-levels increase. Cows have also been known to hold grudges against other cows in the herd or even people. Just another sign of their good memory!

Their maternal instinct is also very strong. The bond between a mother and her calf is by far the most powerful. Cows are highly devotional and have been known to walk for miles in search of their calves. This bond lasts for life and is an important aspect of the cow community.

5. Cows Cuddle

Contrary to popular belief, cows don’t sleep standing up. The majority of their day involves laying down to rest and digest, coincidently this also helps blood flow in the udder, leading to more milk production! Cows prefer to sleep closely with their family and make sure to position themselves according to rankings in the herd.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Cows have rankings? ” Read on and we’ll explain…

6. There’s a Social Hierarchy in the Herd

Although slightly reminiscent of High School, cows adhere to a ranking system and it is pertinent to the herd. Cows will consistently choose leaders for their intelligence, inquisitiveness, self-confidence, experience, and good social skills, while bullying, selfishness, size, and strength are not recognized as suitable leadership qualities. Anyone who disregards or opposes the leader will be isolated.

7. Cows Have Super Senses

No, a radioactive spider isn’t involved…this is all natural!

Cows have an excellent sense of smell and possess exceptional hearing abilities. They can smell up to 6 miles away and are capable of hearing both high and low frequencies that are outside of the human range.

Not to mention, they sure can eat a lot. A cow typically eats about 40 pounds of food per day, as well as a bathtub amount of water.

Can you say Holy Cow?

8. They Love Attention

As stated above, cows are very maternal, emotional creatures. They love being loved! They are completely open to having interactions with people, especially if some petting and rubbing is involved.

9. More Cows = More Jobs

Cows have been referred to as economic job creating machines. One dairy cow provides four full-time jobs in the community. 4 jobs! That’s a pretty good ratio. Just another reason to love cows.

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