8 Reasons to Join the Local Food Movement

Buy fresh, buy local!

Those are the words of the local food movement.

The local food movement aims to connect local food producers with local food consumers, in order to develop a more self-reliant food network, while improving the local economy.

Drink Milk in Glass Bottles stands by the local food movement, and is creating a similar initiative to bring farm fresh milk into the family home.

Dairies on the Drink Milk in Glass Bottles directory sell local milk, which is great for so many reasons.

Whether you are buying local milk, or buying local produce, buying local is always the better choice.

Why Join the Local Food Movement?

Drink Milk in Glass Bottles has put together eight reasons why you should join the local food movement.

1. Locally grown food is fresh food.

Crops sold locally are picked at their peak, and are usually sold within 24 hours of harvesting.

Which is a much faster turn around than non-local foods, which tend to be picked a week before entering the marketplace to allow for transport time.

What This Means for Local, Fresh Milk: Local milk goes from the farm to the table in a short period of time, often under 24 hours.  This quick turnaround results in an increased shelf life, and fresher, tastier milk.

2. Local Food Supports Local Farmers.

Buying local food means that more of the profits end up going directly back to the farmer.  If the farm is able to be more profitable, there is a greater chance that the farm will be able to continue to operate.

What This Means for Local, Fresh Milk: The dairies in the Drink Milk in Glass Bottles directory either receive their milk from local dairy farms, or they operate their own farm.

This merger of local agriculture and local business helps to support local dairy farmers, and keep their farm profitable.

3. Local food builds communities.

When you buy food direct from the producer it allows you to learn about the people who are growing the food, and to better understand the area you live in.

Creating that tie between the producer and the consumer, helps to build a more united and educated community.

What This Means for Local, Fresh Milk: Many dairies and farms will host an annual open house in an effort to teach the public about the dairy industry.  This is a great way for people to see, firsthand, where their milk comes from.

4. Local food preserves open space.

Farmers want to farm.

If they are able to make a sizeable income through agriculture, then it is less likely they will resort to selling their land to developers, as a secondary means of income.

What This Means for Local, Fresh Milk: In New England alone, dairy farms represent half of the farmland in the region.  With this much farmland being preserved by the dairy industry it is important to keep them profitable.

5. Local food makes a lighter carbon footprint.

On average food travels 1,500 miles from farm to table, using 11 billion gallons of fuel annually.  If only 10% of food was bought locally, 310,000 gallons of fuel could be saved each year.

What This Means for Local, Fresh Milk: When milk is bought from a dairy, it has traveled a relatively short distance.  This is an easy way to decrease the usage of fossil fuels, and combat global warming.

6. Local food boosts the local economy.

For every $100 dollars spent on local produce, $73 are reinvested into the local economy and agriculture.

This can be compared to the average grocery store which typically only give 10% of their income back to the local economy.  With these numbers it is clear that buying local is the better choice for the economy.

What This Means for Local, Fresh Milk: Local dairies are passionate about giving back to the economy.  They employ citizens, support local farms, and buy from small businesses.

7. Local food empowers consumers.

Local food gives consumers more choices.  They can choose to eat what is in season, decide which farm to support, and buy where they feel comfortable.

What This Means for Local, Fresh Milk: Local dairies offer many different options.  Organic, and grass-fed milk are offered at some of the dairies, as well as an assortment of different milk flavors.

With all these different options consumers can choose which dairy is right for them.

8. Local food is about the future.

By supporting local farmers, we will ensure that they will be there in the future, and they will be around to provide healthy food to our children and grandchildren.

What This Means for Local, Fresh Milk: Local dairy farmers need our support to continue their farm into the future. As long as these local farmers can continue, we’ll have farm fresh milk for generations to come.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

The benefits of buying local are amazing.

It’s a simple way to support your local community, eat healthier, and be eco-friendly.  Whether it is buying produce or buying milk, local is best opinion for you and your hometown.

Find Local, Fresh Milk Near You

If you are looking for local farm fresh milk in your community, check out the Drink Milk in Glass Bottles directory. Joining the local food movement is as easy as finding a dairy near you.