5 DIY Easter Crafts Your Kids Can Help You Make

5 DIY Easter Crafts Your Kids Can Help You Make with Glass Milk BottlesThe Easter bunny is well on his way! What better way to get festive with your kids than by creating some fun DIY Easter crafts?

Your glass milk bottles are the perfect item to create tons of fun and easy Easter crafts and decorations that will take your family gathering to the next level.

Recycling household items is a great way to give new life to used materials. It is spring, after all- the season of fresh starts and new beginnings!

Forget about spending tons of money on store-bought decorations and get crafty instead. Each of these DIY Easter crafts won’t cost you much, except some paint or yarn here or there.


1. Glass Milk Bottle Vases in Bright Easter Colors

This one’s pretty straightforward. You just take your empty, washed glass milk bottles and pick out a few colors of spray paint at the paint store.

Then, you just spray paint the bottles, slowly, with thin layers of paint.

The original craft, shared by Making it in the Mountains, uses glossy yellow, green, blue, and pink. But you can pick your own colors if you want something different.

It’s easy, and they make the perfect centerpieces for spring.

There are tons of other ways you can paint your milk bottles as well if you don’t want to use spring colors, or solid colors at all. They make great decorations for all occasions, from weddings to Halloween or Christmas.

If you want to take it to the next level, and you have confidence in your artistic ability, you can paint designs on the bottle with a thin paintbrush. Anything goes, from stripes to flowers to your kids’ handprints.


2. Yarn-covered Bottles

This fun craft by Kelly Roper is super versatile, so it can be used for any holiday by simply changing up the color of the yarn.

Follow her instructions to create beautifully decorated vases from your glass milk bottles. Essentially, you will be gluing inch-wide blocks of yarn onto your bottle from the bottom up, one color block at a time.

At the end, you’ll get beautiful and creative vases that will make your table that much more festive. And you can be sure that none of your guests are going to have the same decorations as you!

This one might not be as good of an idea for the little ones, but older kids will definitely be able to help you out, especially if they’re artsy. You can still get the younger ones involved by letting them help you pick out the colors or figure out where you want to put them once they’re done.


3. Milk Bottle Easter Bunnies

Milk bottle Easter bunnies are adorable, and you can put your own spin on them using whatever materials you already have.

Basically, all you have to do is make some ears and glue them on the bottle, then glue a nose, whiskers, and some eyes with whatever materials you want. You could use white paper, foam, felt, or even paperboard.

City Mom has a great step-by-step guide to her version of this Easter bunny if you want a little more detail. She shows you exactly what materials and positioning she uses to make her own bunnies hop to life.

When you fill the bottle with white or chocolate milk, your bunny comes to life. If you don’t want to use milk, you could also use juice to give your bunny a little more spunk.

Throw in a decorative straw, and this is the perfect way to serve the children their drinks at dinner.


4. Easter Candy Jars

Why not take those Easter bunny ears and use them to make jars of candy to gift to your guests? Just make sure you glue the ears, eyes, and mouth somewhere on the bottle that won’t get in the way of screwing the lid on.

All you really need to do is fill your milk bottle with Easter themed candy. Think mini eggs, jelly beans, bunny gummies, and eggies. You can fill it all with one type of candy, or you can layer different kinds.

The kids will like helping out with this one because they’ll want to help pick out the candy- and sample it as you go!

This makes a great take-away for guests of all ages, especially those who are a little too old to get an Easter basket.


5. Carrots and Flowers in Milk Bottles

This idea comes from Kaleidoscope of Colors. She arranges fake flowers and carrots in jars and then puts them in a milk bottle crate. This creates a festive Easter centerpiece.

The original craft uses real carrots, but if you don’t want to use actual food, you can buy fake carrots from the dollar store or a craft store.

Your milk delivery will sometimes come with a wire carrier you can use to recreate this idea, or you can purchase one from Stanpac.

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