4 Ways to Re-purpose Your Milk Glass Bottles

Love glass milk bottle crafts? Have some glass milk bottles laying around the house? Why not put them in to use!

Let’s Get Crafty with Glass Milk Bottle Crafts!

The list of perks to having milk served in glass bottles are endless. We love having farm fresh milk delivered right to our doors and enjoy the health benefits that come along with drinking local milk. However, outside of those obvious perks, one of our favorite reasons why we prefer glass bottled milk is because it allows us to channel our inner crafter! Gather up all your empty milk glass bottles and let’s get crafty with these useful and creative DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects!

1. Recipe in a Milk Glass Bottle

This DIY is perfect for all you bakers out there. Baking is a fun and tasty past time for many people, however, not very many people have time to bake as often as they’d like. Many people pre-plan their lunches for the week – you can essentially do that for all your baking recipes too! Simply measure the proper amounts of the ingredients needed for your favorite recipes and then add each ingredient, one by one, in to the bottle.

Once your bottle is full, attach a label and instructions to it. At this point, you have two options: 1) bake the recipe now or 2) save it for later.

This DIY also makes for an awesome gift idea for your friends or family members who are less bake-savvy. This will allow for them to make baked goods without having to deal with the hassle of measuring or searching for ingredients.

You can also dress up the bottle to make it more visually appealing or more suitable for the gift giving occasion!

2. Milk Glass Bottle Garden Decor

Do you have a green thumb? Well then you’re going to love this re-purposing idea! You can reuse your milk glass bottles as pavers and edging for your garden by simply digging a hole big enough for your bottles. Once you’ve placed the bottle in the hole, make sure to fill up any gaps so that your glass bottle stays put!

This is a creative and artistic way of putting your glass bottles to use! To add a little more fun to the idea, you can also add color to the bottles and create a pattern to enhance the overall visual appearance. The textures and height differences in bottle placement makes for an organic and happily imperfect arrangement .

It adds a nice touch to any garden – whether the bottles are placed as pavers in a pathway or as an edging to keep your garden plants in place, this idea is truly unique.

3. Memories in a Milk Glass Bottle

Another unique idea for re-purposing your glass bottles is using them as a memory holder! This DIY idea is a great one for those who love the beach or love to travel! Simply collect pebbles, sand, beads, etc. from your favorite beaches or travel destinations and fill up your bottle. Once you’ve filled up your bottle with sand or pebbles – go ahead and label each bottle so you know where each item came from. This is an awesome way to display your trips and adventures while also re-purposing your glass milk bottles.

Nothing is better than being eco-friendly and making your favorite memories in to everyday home decor!

4. Milk Glass Bottle Picture Frames

Speaking of home decor – you can also use your milk glass bottles as picture frames! Instead of your typical picture frames, be creative and make your favorite pictures pop a little more by placing them inside of a glass bottle! This is a fantastic idea because not only can you display your photos in a fun and unique way but you can also add personality to the DIY! For example, you can combine DIY number 3 (Memories in a Milk Glass Bottle) with this project by adding sand from one of your trips and simply insert a photo to sit on top of the sand.

The options are endless and that is why we love all these DIY projects!

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Are you feeling inspired to tackle these DIY projects? We sure hope so! If you’re running low on milk glass bottles but want to get crafty with us – why not get farm fresh milk delivered right to your home! Improve your health, be eco-friendly, and get creative today!