17 Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Decor Ideas You Have to Try

How to make rustic wedding decorations with glass milk bottles

Rustic weddings are really trendy right now, and the best part about this theme is that there are so many DIY wedding decor ideas you can incorporate. Everyone wants to have their dream wedding, but not everyone is able to pay the price tag that comes with it. The key is all about finding ways to cut costs, and decor is one area you can definitely do so.

People are going to remember if you skimped on the food, but they won’t notice if you made your decorations yourself. In fact, if you use your glass milk bottles, some of these crafts are so easy people won’t even be able to tell you made them yourself. If you, or someone you know, is planning for their big day, these DIY wedding decor ideas will help them save a lot of money on decorations.


Glass Milk Bottles Are The Perfect Rustic Chic Tools

Move over, mason jar. The glass milk bottle is the newest, trendiest tool in your rustic chic toolkit. The nostalgic, small-town feel of the bottles make the country setting come to life. Try using these simple tricks to enhance your big day.


Milk Bottle Flower Vases For Any Color or Theme

The best part about these milk bottle flower vases is that you can customize them to whatever theme you’ve picked. Switch out the flowers, change the colors of the materials, or even add your own touch (like some extra bling).


Give Your Guests Some Good Memories With Unique Wedding Favors

That’s right! You can actually use your glass milk bottles to make wedding favors for your guests. Making DIY wedding favors is a great way to really make sure your day stands out from the rest. It also gives your guests something more personal to take home with them.


Wedding Centerpieces That Wow Your Guests

Put these awesome centerpieces on your tables and watch the rustic vibe come alive. They are easy to make and hard to screw up!

1. Serve Your Drinks

Nothing says rustic chic more than serving your guests their drinks in glass milk bottles. Top it off with a colorful straw and you’re set, no matter what type of drink you put inside the bottle. This is way more stylish than plastic cups.

2. Organize Utensils

If you’re doing a buffet-style dinner, or have snack tables throughout the night, store your utensils in glass milk bottles. Not only does this add some chic to your table, but your guests will be able to easily find what they’re looking for.

3. Store Candy at the Candy Bar

Candy bars are always a hit at weddings, no matter how old you are.

Store your candy in glass milk bottles for a more visually appealing candy bar. You can also give your guests empty bottles to fill and take home at the end of the night.

4. A Craft Station for the Kids

If your guests are bringing their children to your wedding, having something for them to do while mom and dad are busy on the dance floor is a great idea. Make a kids’ craft station to keep them busy.

Have them decorate glass milk bottles using stickers, dollar store craft items, or ribbons. You can also use the glass milk bottles to hold markers and crayons for coloring books. This makes it easier for their little hands to grab the color they want.

5. The Rustic Lace Vase

Burlap and lace is one of the most classic combinations for country style anything. Add it to your wedding by wrapping burlap around your glass milk bottle. Then, add a lace ribbon on top of the burlap and tie a piece of twine around it to top it all off.

6. Painted Bottle Vases

If you’re using super colorful flowers, paint your bottles white to help those colors really pop. However, you can paint your bottles any color you’d like to go with your theme or flower choice.

7. Sea Glass Bottle Vases

Here’s a tutorial on how to make sea glass from regular glass. It makes a beautiful vase, whether you put flowers in it or not. Branches or green plants, like willows, look gorgeous in these bottles.

8. Yarn-Wrapped Vases

Wrap your milk bottles in yarn for a truly rustic decoration. You can choose any color you want, and as much yarn as you want. Mix and match colors for a truly unique blend that matches your wedding theme.

These bottles look awesome with white flowers. However, depending on the colors you choose, you can really make those flowers pop.

9. Holiday Themed Bottle Vases

Planning a Halloween wedding? What about a Thanksgiving themed wedding? We’ve got vases for that, too. We even have Easter glass milk bottle crafts for a spring wedding!

10. Wrapping Paper Vases

Got some leftover wrapping paper you need to use up? Or maybe you found a really cool design in the store and had to get it for something. Use the wrapping paper to decorate your glass milk bottles by simply cutting it and pasting it around the bottle.

11. Wire Porch Box Centerpiece

If you get home milk delivery, your glass milk bottles come in a wire porch box. You can also order wire porch boxes wholesale from Stanpac. Place glass milk bottle vases of your choice in the wire porch box for a vintage-looking centerpiece people will want to take home with them.

12. A Woodcutter’s Dream

For this one, you’ll need to get your hands on a tree trunk or pieces of tree trunk cut into circles. Use the tree trunk as a base to hold a glass milk bottle vase (the burlap and lace works best for this one) and a small, antique-looking lantern.

13. Sandy Bottle Decorations

Fill your bottles with sand to make some fun, beachy centerpieces your guests will love. You can find a ton of different types and colors of sand to work into your theme, and it’s very inexpensive to pull off.

14. The Planter Box

Line your glass milk bottles in a planter box. You can make one yourself using wood planks, or you can purchase one from a home improvement store. Fill them with water and flowers, or take some of your creative vases and place them inside.

15. Glass Milk Bottle Terrariums

Terrariums are a great wedding favor because they are beautiful to look at and plants provide a nice, green addition to your space.

Just add pebbles to the bottom of the bottle, starting with smaller pebbles and then layering larger ones on top. You can buy pebbles at the dollar store, or you can head to the beach and look for some.

Next, add some soil on top of the pebbles. Then, add your plant and decorate the bottle if you want.

Choose a lower maintenance plant, like a succulent, so your guests don’t have too much work to do.

16. Recipe-in-a-Jar

You’ve probably seen a lot of these recipe-in-a-jar gifts around Christmas time. A milk bottle is the perfect container to put the ingredients in so it layers in a beautiful way.

All you have to do is measure out the ingredients for the recipe and then layer them in the jar one by one.

There are tons of different recipes that work for this, from cookies to hot chocolate or dry soup mix. The choice is yours!

17. DIY Milk Soap or Body Wash in Glass Bottles

Milk soap makes a great gift because milk is actually amazing for your skin. Your guests will truly appreciate that you thought about their well-being.

Use this tutorial to make your own milk soap, or try making a DIY body scrub and give it to your guests in a milk bottle.

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